Maps and information to asisst in Earthquake relief, from Kathmandu Living Labs.

The objective of this site is to provide maps that are relevant to the relief and recovery operations after Nepal's Earthquake. Offline maps available on this site are extracted from OpenStreetMap data. The data has been developed by thousands of crowd-sourced volunteers, and in our estimations provides the most up to date maps of Nepal.

What you will find on this site:

With prayers for efficient recovery, the Kathmandu Living Labs team.

Offline Maps for Smartphone

OSMAnd is a mapping application that allows you view maps for all of Nepal on Android phones. These maps are being updated daily using Satellite imagery by thousands of volunteers online, including edits by almost 5000 volunteers just since April 25th, when the earthquake struck. You will have access to maps for all of Nepal.

Instructions on how to get started with OSMAnd are here. On iPhone, just download the OSMAnd application, which updates its Nepal data every day at the moment.

Highly Affected Areas

The government has now added the districts Makwanpur, Sindhuli, and Okhaldhunga to the list of highly affected areas, bringing the total list to 14 districts.

Deaths and Injuries due to the earthquake

Hover on a district to find out more information.

Intensity/Population/Household in VDCs of Affected Districts

Zoom in to identify VDC Names.

Satellite-Visible Damage Assessment Map

Printable Maps of Affected Areas(PDF)

Kathmandu District

Kathmandu District - A2
32-page A4 PDF, 15mb
Large Single-page PDF ,13mb
and more formats
available here

Bhaktapur District

Bhaktapur District - A2
50-page A4 PDF, 7mb

Lalitpur District

Lalitpur District - A2
Patan Area Only,
27-page A4 PDF,16mb
Nallu VDC - Lalitpur

Sindhupalchowk District

Sindhupalchok District - A2
Bahrabise -
Gumba VDC -
Fulpingkatti VDC -
Choutara VDC -
Tatopani VDC -
Gati VDC -
Listikot VDC -
Pangtang VDC -
Dhuyang VDC -

Dolakha District

Dolakha District - A2
Charikot - Dolakha
Jhape VDC - Dolakha
Lamabagar VDC - Dolakha

Gorkha District

Bihi - Gorkha
Gorkha District -A2
Laprak - Gorkha
Muchhok - Gorkha
Prok - Gorkha
Lho - Gorkha
Samagoan - Gorkha
Sirdibas - Gorkha
Barpak - Gorkha
Gyachowk - Gorkha
Uiya - Gorkha
Lapu - Gorkha
Hansapur - Gorkha
Simjung - Gorkha
Swara - Gorkha
Takumajhalakuribot - Gorkha
Thumi - Gorkha
Kerabari - Gorkha
Kharibot - Gorkha
Saurpani - Gorkha

Rasuwa District

Rasuwa District - A2

Ramechaap District

Ramechhap District - A2

Nuwakot District

Nuwakot District - A2

Kavrepalanchowk District

Kavrepalanchok District - A2

Makwanpur District

Makwanpur District - A2

Okhaldhunga District

Okhaldhunga District - A2

Sindhuli District

Sindhuli District - A2

Dhading District

Dhading District - A2
Phulkharka VDC - Dhading
Jharlang - Dhading
Lapa - Dhading
Ree - Dhading
Jalbire - Dhading
Marpak - Dhading

Topo Maps are also available at Pahar.in District-level overview maps are also available here

Settlement Maps from ICIMOD:


(Source: [Settlement Maps from ICIMOD])

District Maps created by Canadian DART:

Central Nepal

(Source: [Maps by CANADIAN DART forces])

Looking for other areas?

Send an email to kathmandulivinglabs@gmail.com with the area / village name or print from here

For rescue teams unfamiliar with mapping tools, Kathmandu Living Labs is available to train and provide support on how to use maps for navigation and rescue work. Contact the Kathmandu Living Labs Situation Room at 01 620 5000